Tony Ng

August 21, 2016 by Robbie Stowe

Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a full time university student, part time bartender, part time bottle-shop clerk, part time whatever that lets me talk and drink whiskies.

 Where do you work?

Blackbird Bar & Restaurant Brisbane

 Why/how did you get into Hospitality?

Needed a job to sustain my alcoholic habits amongst other non-consequential essentials like food and what not, what better than hospitality to guarantee a steady supply?

 What are your primary roles and responsibilities in your job?

 Making sure guests are having a good time, with the help of a drink or two in their hands.

 What training/education did you need for your job? 

 RSA, of course. Everything else however, I learnt on the job.

 How did you get to where you are today?

 I wouldn’t say I’ve progressed very far yet, but I firmly believe that having passion for the craft and the right attitude always helps.

 What tools are most important to you in your daily work?

 My barblade. That, and patience, and an insatiable urge to constantly learn and improve myself.

 What are you most proud of in your professional life?

 Every time a customer tells me they’ve had fun or learnt something new.

 Biggest daily challenge?

 Getting out of bed! Balancing jobs, study, and maintaining a semblance of a personal life can be tough, but well worth it.

 Low points of the Job?

 Great customers can absolutely make my night, but inversely shitty ones will ruin it completely.

 Biggest career challenge?

I’d say thus far it was actually getting hired by a bar when I first started out; people were hesitant to hire a 17 yo kid even as a glassie.

 What’s your biggest frustration in your job?

 People who treat drinking as a mean to an end; a messy, intoxicated end.

 Favorite Drink?

Whiskies, top 3 distilleries, yes, but damn it’s hard settling on one particular whisky. Active distilleries: Springbank, Bruichladdich, Buffalo Trace. Dead distilleries: St Magdalene, Rosebank, Dallas Dhu

 Favorite Bar/Restaurant?

 The Gresham in Brisbane. They opened their doors a week after I turned 18, had my first legal drink there, and I go there 4-5 days a week ever since.





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