July 11, 2016 by Manny Hendra

Car firm Kia has used its challenger brand status to team up with Marquee Studios to create a 12-episode You Tube series on Sydney’s food and food culture.

The series, which is likely to expand to Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth, launched today and features stories of “real people” on the Sydney food scene.
They include Enrico and Giovanni Paradiso, the duo behind Fratelli Paradiso, and Katherine Sabbath who has built an Instagram following of 100,000 on the back of her baking skills.

New episodes will be released every Friday with the content also appearing on a number of social platforms and online publications.

Kia, which receives product placements in the episodes, described the content as an “excellent fit” for the brand.

“Food, and food culture, is an integral part of the Australian cultural landscape and the opportunity to be a supporting partner in a series as innovative and exciting as Foraged was simply too good not to embrace,” Kia Motors Australia chief operating officer Damien Meredith said.

“Kia, as a challenger brand, understands and respects a different and focused approach to any challenge. Foraged, and the talents featured in the series, represent an excellent fit with the Kia philosophy.”

Marquee Studio’s Tom Maynard said the idea follows on the firm’s first successful venture, Amplify, which kicked off with a festival for girls aged 10-to-18 years last month.

“The idea behind Amplify is to create an all-encompassing platform including video content, social and events catering to this specific audience,” he said. “With the support of Kia, we have a similar end goal for Foraged.”



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