Red curry beef

September 8, 2016 by Peter Westfield


Thai curry refers to dishes in Thai cuisine that are made with various types of curry paste; the term can also refer to the pastes themselves. A Thai curry dish is made from curry paste, coconut milk or water, meat, seafood, vegetables or fruit, and herbs. Curries in Thailand mainly differ from the curries in Indian cuisine in their use of fresh ingredients such as herbs and aromatic leaves over a mix of spices.


Prep time: 5  Minutes      Cook Time: 15  Minutes

Serves: 4 People                  Difficulty: Easy



  • 100ml oil
  • 120g red curry paste
  • 800ml coconut cream
  • 50g pickled ginger (ka chai)
  • 3 cups mixed vegetable (eg: apple and pea eggplant, pumpkin, broccoli, capsicum, mushroom, etc, use what is available and in season)
  • 400g beef (beef is poached so any prime cut sliced)
  • A handful picked Thai basil
  • A handful kaffir lime leaf
  • Approx 50g palm sugar, 50ml fish sauce. Depending on ingredients this will vary to taste.





  1. Gently heat oil and curry paste in a pot.
  2. Once the paste splits add coconut and bring to the boil, add sugar and fish sauce then vegetables including ginger and half the basil and lime leaf.
  3. Bring to the boil and adjust seasoning (sugar, fish sauce) at a simmer add sliced beef and remaining basil and lime leaf.
  4. Take of heat and let the beef poach.
  5. Serve with jasmine rice, garnish with sliced Thai basil and jullienne kaffir lime.