Pink Grapefruit Mojito

November 16, 2016 by Manny Hendra

The mojito was born on the island of Cuba and is one of the nation’s oldest cocktails. The drink has a disputed history. Some say the drink was developed in the 1500’s when the famed explorer Sir Francis Drake landed in the city of Havana, in order to sack the city of its gold. While the invasion was unsuccessful, an associate of Sir Francis Drake, named Richard Drake, created an early version of the mojito called ” El Draque ” out of aguardiente ( a crude form of rum,) sugar, lime, and mint. Others say the drink was invented by African slaves working in the Cuban sugar cane fields. The name ” mojito ” stems from the African word of ” mojo ” which means to place a little spell. In the mid-1800’s the creation of the Bacardi company bolstered the popularity of the mojito. The mojito rose to prominence to the international world when renowned writer Ernest Hemingway became a fan of the beverage after visiting a local Cuban bar called the ” La Bodeguita del Medio ” and also consumed the drink in Key West, Florida. While we may never know the true origin of the drink, the tasty combination of lime and mint is sure to stick around for years to come.



  • 45ml of Bacardi Carta Blanca
  • 2 Bar spoons of Raw sugar
  • 8 mint leaves
  • 60ml of Pink Grapefruit
  • 15ml of Fresh lime Juice


  1. Place Lime, Rum, Sugar and Grapefruit Juice into a working Glass
  2. Gently Muddle
  3. Add to glass with crushed ice and top with Soda
  4. Gently stir
  5. Garnish


Old Fashion


Grapefruit wedge

Salt rim





POST BY Manny Hendra
Worked all sorts of roles in the industry, from bartender to Multi site Operations . Fan of anything with Lime, Sugar and Booze.
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