Estrella Damm Lager

July 14, 2016 by Manny Hendra

Estrella Damm Lager is the best-selling beer in Barcelona. A pale-lager style with exceptional flavour and drink-ability, it is a two-time gold medal winner at the World Beer Championships thanks to its toasted pale malt and grain aromas, medium-bodied pale malt palate, crisp fading finish and a wave of bittering hops.

With generations of Master Brewers comes consistency.

Estrella Damm work with the farmers in the Ebro basin to obtain barley that hold all of the characteristics that the Master Brewers are after. They continue to malt in the very own Bell-Lloc (Lleida) malthouse, making them one of the few breweries in Spain and in the world, that still produces all of its malt barley in its own malthouse. With this, they continue to use the original recipe as the basis, including the Mediterranean pearl rice.

Product Description
Golden, with amber tones and a few green highlights. It is clean, bright. The head has an ecru colour and is long-lasting. Its bubbles, which are fast-flowing, are small and abundant. Its nose of fresh spices is enveloping. The dark-roasted notes give it personality and its final flavour. It is smooth in the mouth given that its carbonic is integrated and it fills the palate with dense notes of toasted cereals. The vivacity of its acidity make it eminently fresh. The bitter tone at the back of the mouth gives it a long aftertaste.

Estrella Damm – 4.6%


A light malty aroma on the nose with a little spice drifting through slowly. The palate enjoys a smooth offering of darker malts, toasted flavours and creamy hops. A slight dryness near the end with a low carbonation.
Rating: ★★★

★: Terrible, only drink for a dare.
★★: Meh, not undrinkable but best left alone.
★★★: Reasonable, middle of the road.
★★★★: Tasty stuff, well worth seeking out.
★★★★★: Incredible, booze doesn’t get better than this. You need a bottle in your life.




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