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Corona beer has always been thought of as a refreshing drink to be consumed while lounging on white sand beaches on some tropical island. Corona is the top-selling imported beer in Australia. It is often served with a lime or lemon wedge in the neck of the bottle, the reasons for which are varied and sometimes controversial.

Although some may think the company’s name is Corona, it’s actually produced by a company called Grupo Modelo – Corona is simply a brand produced by that company. Grupo Modelo is a large brewery in Mexico. They were established in the mid 1800’s under the name Cervecería Modelo, and in 1925 they became one of the top beer suppliers in Mexico, largely due to the creation of Corona beer. The company started to do really well when Pablo Diez took over. He is the person responsible for creating Corona beer, and for the idea to distribute it worldwide.

Before Corona began being distributed in the United States, many fans of the company began illegally exporting History of Corona the beer into towns bordering the U.S. The company actually considered bottling Corona in a dark-colored bottle to make it easier to preserve the flavour, but the idea was rejected right away. The clear bottle has become a worldwide icon, and has been vital to the brand’s success. In 1928, the first neon lights Corona billboard was installed in Mexico City, and people were very intrigued.

In 1935, just 10 years after the beer was launched, it had become the top-selling beer in Mexico. Grupo Modelo decided to market Corona as a high-quality, social brand which helped to set it apart from its main competitor, an alcoholic drink known as pulque. In their typical unique fashion, they then marketed their first bottle with the label printed directly on the container as opposed to a paper label.


Despite being widely available and, according to their website, the world’s fifth best-selling brand, Corona has managed to maintain an image as the alternative to the usual.

It’s hard to say why exactly. Though the bartenders’ custom of shoving a lime wedge in a bottle before handing it to the customer might have something to do with it. If you are used to light or flavorless American lager and suddenly you are faced with limeade disguised as beer, then you might think it pretty exotic.

I did this tasting without the fruit.

Tasting Notes

In every way, Corona is a typical American lager. It pours with a pale straw color and is very clear with a medium white head. The nose is subtle with the barest suggestion of hops.

Its flavor is equally subtle with just a bit of sweetness. There is an appreciable lager smack at the end with some lingering hops.


American-style pale lager.
Refreshing, but so is water. Subtle nose, subtle flavor, no character
Brewed by Grupo Modelo of Mexico
4.6% ABV


Rating: ★★★★★ 5/10

★: Drink out of a paper bag in a gutter during a storm.
★★: Terrible, only drink for a dare.
★★★: Meh, not undrinkable but best left alone.
★★★★: Best served mixed with something with flavor.
★★★★★: Reasonable, middle of the road.
★★★★★★: Tasty stuff, well worth seeking out.
★★★★★★★: Impressive, something you can proudly share with friends.
★★★★★★★★: Fantastic addition to any bar or collection.
★★★★★★★★★: Incredible, booze doesn’t get better than this.
★★★★★★★★★★: Nectar of the God’s, sell the house and move in next to the Distillery/Brewery.



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