Caña Brava 3yr old

September 8, 2016 by Manny Hendra

Francisco “Don Pancho” J Fernandez is the Master Distiller at Las Cabres. While making rum in his native Cuba for more than 35 years, he mastered the “Cuban method” before moving to Panama in the early ’90s. Within a few years, he started producing rums in Panama following the traditional and revolutionary methods that he knows better than anyone. Minister of Cuban Rum for over 35 years and the man behind the Las Cabres Distillery for more than 15 years, “Don Pancho” also has a degree in biochemistry.

Working with “Pancho” to make Caña Brava Rum, the 86 Co. soon recognized that it was partnered with a legend of rum making. We were humbled and honored that he was lending his craft and skills to create Caña Brava Rum, rum that would enhance the making of daiquiris on any given day.

“Don Pancho” was mentored by his father, Don Antonio Fernandez Castro. “Pancho” began formulating his own products long before he officially entered the Cuban rum industry in the ’70s, where he would be taught the ways of ‘Carta Blanco Rum’ by Don Ramon “Ramoncito” Fernandez Corrales.


The Caña Brava 3 yr old is triple filtrated, the clear spirit looks great with the bottles unique shape and Branding.



Balanced nose of fresh cut green grass with floral honey and pure molasses on the back. Light oak shows with vanilla and coconut flavors.


The palate has great pure fresh sugar cane juice and citrus with notes of dark chocolate balanced with molasses, cacao butter, vanilla and spices hinting allspice and cinnamon. Dry with just a hint of sweetness, medium to full bodied with a silky mouthfeel and with a finish that is clean, long and surprisingly fruity.


Caña Brava is distilled to an ABV of 94-96% ABV, the rum is cut to a proof of 75% ABV and placed into new American oak barrels.

Aged for 18-24 months in the new American oak barrels.

It is then removed from the oak barrels, cut to 49% ABV and transferred to used American whiskey barrels (a mixture of bourbon & Tennessee whiskey barrels) and aged for a further 12-24 months.

Caña Brava rum is a 3 year old aged and filtered rum.

It is aged in a combination of new American oak barrels and used American whiskey barrels

Rating: ★★★★★★★  7/10

★: Drink out of a paper bag in a gutter during a storm.
★★: Terrible, only drink for a dare.
★★★: Meh, not undrinkable but best left alone.
★★★★: Best served mixed with something with flavor.
★★★★★: Reasonable, middle of the road.
★★★★★★: Tasty stuff, well worth seeking out.
★★★★★★★: Impressive, something you can proudly share with friends.
★★★★★★★★: Fantastic addition to any bar or collection.
★★★★★★★★★: Incredible, booze doesn’t get better than this.
★★★★★★★★★★: Nectar of the God’s, sell the house and move in next to the Distillery

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