June 20, 2017 by Manny Hendra

The boulevardier cocktail is an alcoholic drink composed of whisky, sweet vermouth, and Campari. Its creation is ascribed to Erskine Gwynne, an American-born writer who founded a monthly magazine in Paris called Boulevardier, which appeared from 1927 to 1932.

The boulevardier is similar to a Negroni, sharing two of its three ingredients. It is differentiated by its use of bourbon whiskey or rye whiskey as its principal component instead of gin. Paul Clark, writing for the food blog Serious Eats, says, “This isn’t a Negroni. It is, however, the Negroni’s long-lost autumnal cousin.”


  • 40ml of  Rittenhouse Rye Whisky
  • 10ml of  Regal Rouge Wild Rose Vermouth
  • 10ml of Campari
  • Orange Twist


  1. Chill the Glass (Coupe)
  2. Add all ingredients into a mixing
  3. Add ice
  4. Stir till chilled
  5. Strain into glass
  6. Garnish with Orange twist




Orange Twist





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